How Processed Meat Products Are Linked to Cancer?

This is not a surprise to most people who have read news about the new study about how cancer causing compounds in processed meat is found in the majority of its consumers. Most people probably already knew that it was a fact that we are exposed to a lot of carcinogens, even if we rarely touch them. However, it is still disheartening to know that there are large amounts of these toxins in our daily food. We are continually buying processed meat from fast food joints and supermarkets just so we can satiate our hunger easily. If you are like me and your answer is yes, then I would like to inform you about what has been revealed in a new study on the link between cancer and eating processed meat.

Cancer causing agents in our daily diet can be traced to an array of meats including bacon, lunch meats, hot dogs, steak, ice cream, bologna and lunch meats. The problem is that most of us would never think of the fact that we actually eat these food items on a regular basis. These cancer causing toxins are absorbed into our body and then accumulates in our fat cells. It is only when they build up in a high concentration in the fat cells that they start showing their presence. This is why the recent study on the connection between cancer and eating processed meat was undertaken to investigate the possibility that this is indeed the case.

While it is good to try and cut out meat consumption as much as possible if you want to avoid getting cancer, the more convenient and healthy way is to simply remove it from your diet. There is no way that you can avoid eating cooked meat; however, you can make substitutions that may reduce or eliminate its contribution to your diet. For instance, you can substitute steaks for tenderloin, you can add liver, onion and other vegetables to your diet, which are also good sources of nutrition. Also, it is beneficial to include nuts, avocados and seeds in your diet.

Another question that people frequently ask about whether there is a link between eating processed meat and cancer is whether or not it is bad for you. Processed meat products contain what is called a “heterocyclic amine” (HCA), which has been shown to be a possible carcinogen. However, studies have shown that consuming it does not necessarily cause cancer. It has also been shown that the levels of HCAs present in the cooked meat are below the level that can provoke cancer in humans.

There are many people who believe that by using such products that there is less chance of them getting cancer. This is simply not true, because the levels of HCA present in cooked meat products are much higher than those found in the raw variety. Therefore, the more cooked meat you consume the higher your chances of getting cancer. If you wish to reduce your risk then it is sensible to choose your meat products very carefully.

Another frequently asked question on how to reduce your risk of getting cancer is about the effect of red meats on colon cancer. The evidence to support this finding is very weak. While there have been some studies that have looked at this hypothesis, none of these have proven conclusively that eating red meats will in fact cause colon cancer. However, there are many people who believe that it is better to avoid red meat because of its high level of fat in it. While there may be truth to this assumption, most health experts agree that the best way to eat red meat is to eat it in moderation. Instead, many people enjoy eating chicken, fish and other non-animal proteins that are less fattening and certainly better for your health overall.

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